Ep. 8

As we head ever closer to COP26 in Glasgow our Climate Papers podcast series dives even deeper into some of the key issues which will shape and inform the discussions both in the main negotiations and in the many fringe events which will happen across the city. In this episode we focus upon the co-benefits* associated with climate change mitigation and adaptation policy and action. We are joined by Professor Sebastien Chastin, Professor of Health Behaviour Dynamics: People, Places, Systems at Glasgow Caledonian University and Professor Laura Diaz-Anadon who holds the chaired Professorship of Climate Change Policy at the University of Cambridge. Read the briefing paper here.

*The Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC defines co-benefits as being “the positive effects that a policy or measure aimed at one objective might have on other objectives… co-benefits are also referred to as ancillary benefits”


Listen to the podcast episode here.